Never Give up, there is magic in us all


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Life has ways of making us into the person we were born to be.
However the great parts of your life won't always come easy, It will take work.
But if you have passion, drive and an unrelenting desire for the life you always dreamed of then....


No matter what's in your way, no matter what others say, just never give up on your dreams!

Blood Destiny - Forgotten Wings

Hi All, Welcome, first up, I'm not a published author though I wish I was because that would mean that I have finished my book. Emily, James (the main characters) seem to be writing the story for me to the point where I'm even excited as to where they go next, Emily lost some of her memory, then later into it we find out that she didn't loose it, that it was taken... but why? James is in love with her however she doesn't know him (oh its having working on having her fall in love with him all over again...) or why he would protect her to the point of putting his life in danger. 
They start on a journey across the east coast of Australia in a search to help Emily regain her memory, all the while trying to hide frim someone that Emily doesn't remember and trying to hide powers she didn't know she had or how to control them.
There's love, self discovery, mystical and magic, evil and friendship. The  Angels descend to help, but without her memory, can Emily really be who she was born to be? can she save her very life? I better get it finished so I can find out.

Blood Destiny - Hearts Alive

What would you do if you were pulled by an unseen force, a desire to enter a house that looked dangerous but you just felt compelled to enter? 

Jenna realised walking through the door that she had walked in to a lions den, vampire's everywhere, but somehow she remained unseen, unnoticed until she entered the room and saw him then everything stood still, she was alone and sure she was about to die, but his eye's said different.
This is another part in the Blood Destiny Series that I'm writing.

My Favourite Place in the world to be 

Classic Games - Couple of my favourites - I will change them every now and then